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Thanks so much

Love you guys. Such a fun podcast. So nice to see takes on Star Wars I completely agree with, as well as references to other fandoms I love. Looking forward to next season!


This is hands down the best podcast ever made Thank you so much you bring so much joy into life. Also when I think of someone like palpating in his clone war set up I think if Heath legers joker

One of the greats

It’s honestly the best podcast ever made. I can’t even describe how entertaining this Star Wars podcast is. If you are a massive Star Wars fan, a bit of a fan, or just like good conversation then this is the podcast for you. Also thank you so much to the creators as they have created gold for all of us. As a gigantic Star Wars fan this is a no brained for me. 10/10

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That’s it. That’s the review.

If you love Star Wars and laughing, this pod is for you!

Decades ago, cartoon writers figured out the winning formula for a successful show: three kids and a nyah nyah, with classic character types: the stud, the fox, the brains, and the non-human comic relief. This team fits that mold perfectly and as you’ll hear, the magic of this podcast is in its professional and talented cast as well as the fanatical community growing around it. Part radio drama, part professional journalistic coverage of EVERYTHING Star Wars, and part synopsis/review of major Star Wars properties, this show has everything you need to stay up to date. Filled with great running gags, wonderful sound effects, and hilarious banter, Return of the Pod is pure delight for the ears. Subscribe now.

Word of the Week: Wonderful

I don’t know how my husband and I stumbled on this podcast, but it has become a staple in our house to stay on top of all things Star Wars. The Star Binger crew of Brian, Caitlin, and Matt brings levity and light to the Star Wars fandom. I’ve listened to other podcasts and they take themselves way too seriously. And don’t seem to have fun. This is a welcome breath of fresh air if you need a mix of solid information, great insight and some side adventures as well. Can’t recommend them enough!


So Glad You Are All Back!!! I was heartbroken when “The Old Show” Died. I have tried dozens of Star Wars Podcasts and you are all HANDS DOWN the best! You guys helped me through some real tough stuff, and knowing that I could just listen to good friends talk about Star Wars and Marvel I know everything is gonna be okay. You guys are truly Legends and I am so happy to have you back!

May The Force Be With You

This is an awesome show done by fans of Star Wars and I enjoy every episode so far and I can’t wait for more!!! By the way: there has been one mention of Slave 1 as Boba Fett’s Ship. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 2 Ep21: R2 Come Home, Aurra Sing refers to the ship as Slave 1 to Bossk. This comment is in regards to the discussion about Slave 1 and the question of if the name had ever been mentioned in canon.

Many Boats

This is hands down my favorite podcast from the great and amazing Brian, Caitlin, and Matt to the “side” characters and the convoluted season long plots. I am so happy to have this show back and I can’t wait to spend time with the gang in that Galaxy or any Galaxy far far away.

I think…

I’d like to hear more of these characters.


Lurve dis shoooow


issa mastapeece

Best Star Wars Podcast Ever!!!!

This podcast will welcome both old and new fans of anything Star Wars. Love their takes on shows like the Mandolorian and I have even started to read the books thanks to the trusted recommendations of Brian Silliman. Can’t wait for what’s to come for this resurgence of a podcast!


This show just keeps getting better! Keep up the good work

Missed this podcast

To found Jabba the Pod right after the investor call and enjoyed listening on my long runs. I was sad to hear that it ended. These guys have come back stronger and I'm so happy to have their company when I'm putting in my miles!

The Force Is Strong With This Podcast

I discovered this podcast (or technically the original) in the fall of 2019 while I was going through a tough time. I actually went farther back in the podcast to rewatch Rebels along with you guys and fell in love with the show. Throughout many bad times before and during the pandemic this show was always a bright spot for me. Being knighted by Brian was such an awesome moment, Matt’s energy and antics are infectious and make for so much fun, and I love hearing Caitlin go on about her trash children, the big stupid Star Wars monsters and telling us the certain order in which we should enjoy Star Wars and then listen to the podcast. Thank you, all three of you, for sharing your knowledge and love of Star Wars with the rest of us with this amazing show. Now if only Matt and Caitlin could strap Brian down and reprogram AZ00 that would just be the icing on the cake 😁 I joke... maybe... I don’t know, you do you

Scared me for a minute

I listened to Jabba the pod and freaked out until I found out that they made a new pod cast love the coverage of the Bad Batch


You guys are AMAZING!!!! I was so surprised to see y’all back. Still getting caught up. You inspired me to start my own podcast. A million thanks isn’t enough. Much love and May the force be with you…always

Love you guys!

I was so sad when the old podcast ended, and so happy when you started this one up. I’ve been listening from the first episode and have been loving your coverage of the bad batch. You guys make me laugh out loud. Keep doing what you’re doing... except maybe get rid of AZ00. 🤪

Thank You So Much!!!!

I am so happy that you mentioned my comment. Again, it means a lot that you are back. I did not know that the Clone Wars began a month before I was born until your show. The fact that the clone wars ended and began anew as The Bad Batch fills me with joy. It I still continuing after 12 years. Thank you for teaching me more about Star Wars. I will never meet another group of super fans more passionate than you. You have helped me get through the pandemic and I thank you. Many Boats PS: Ahsoka’s firsts quote goes like this: “I like firsts, good or bad, they’re always memorable.”

Glad you’re back!

Best podcast in the galaxy, didn’t realize you were back until this week and I’ve binged all the new episodes. Looking forward to the pod continuing the saga. Many Boats.


I, like many others , was so disappointed when the old show ended . But you gave us the glimmer of hope of your return and it has come to be! This pod gives me so much joy and literally makes me cry with happiness (most of the time). Thank you for the escape every week! I’m so glad this pod exists! Many boats ! P.S. I wish Brian was my drunk uncle at family holidays.


Only one thing missing though: please do a episode about the tabletop game called star wars legion. I started playing it about 4 months ago and been really having fun playing it. I would really enjoy you guy talking about it:)

The best!

Literally sooooo glad you are back!


Love the show. I followed from the last podcast. So glad y’all created a new one.

Back they are! Excited I am! Better are things!

Jabba the Pod was my favorite podcast and I was so sad when it ended. I only recently found out they had returned. If you love Star Wars, you will love this podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Many boats!

Thank you so much for returning...

I can’t believe I just found out you came back after JTP! I was so upset when I lost you.. You guys are the best, seriously. My best Star Wars friends


I can’t express how excited I am that these 3 are back! My wife and I can’t get enough. Listening to them makes watching and reading Star Wars so much better because of the passion and personalities of the hosts. It is always quality entertainment. Can’t wait to hear what’s next for the crew of the (formerly operational) Starbinger. WELCOME BACK YOU 3!!!!!!!!!

“You’re in for a karkin’ kriffload of fun.”

The synergy between these three beautiful human beings is one of the special gifts that the Force has given to the Star Wars fandom. Their voices coming together after the death of the “Old Podcast” is a testament that truly great things never die. Binging through the first season of Return of the Pod, I felt the same joy from the “Old Podcast” that had me looking forward to what was coming next in their deep dives. I welcome the introduction of the Bri-Fröst and their adventures to other realms and universes inspired by comics, books, TV, and movies. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt are the heroes we need today to remind us that we are not alone. This the way. I have spoken. May the force be with you... always.


Welcome back!!!