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I grew up watching the original trilogy. I read the books, which are now legends. I never thought there would be more. Then there were the prequels, The Clone Wars, Rebels, the sequels, and live action shows. And to cap it all off - a podcast that is by fans and for fans. You keep it fun and remember what it is all about. It is like hanging out with others who truly share my joy for Star Wars. May the force be with you. This is the way. Many boats. Moldy Crow 253

This is the Pod

Look forward to each episode for all things Star Wars. Great back and forth between Brian, Matt and CMB. A comprehensive deep dive into whatever show they’re reviewing but still keeps things light and fun.

Favorite Podcast

Not just my favorite Star Wars Podcast but my favorite overall Podcast. I look toward to it every Friday. The crew is very knowledgeable, but most of all super positive about Star Wars. Never hating on anything even if the don’t really like something. Brian and Matt are super funny, but my favorite thing is Caitlin’s laugh. It is genuine and you can hear how much she is enjoying herself.

The best and most entertaining SW podcast.

I discovered this crew a few years back when looking for something to listen to on my delivery routes and quickly became hooked. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt are as entertaining and informative as they come, and really… Lucasfilm should be putting these fine folks to work. After watching SW Celebration’s cringeworthy hosts this year, I know this trio could bring the Force to the table. A great find, and their positivity and humor is a welcome addition to the sea of fan podcasts. Many boats!

Many Boats!

Still one of my all time favorite podcasts out there! Been listening since the beginning of The Old Show and still excited to tune in every week. The bits never get old and I almost feel like Matt, Brian, and Caitlin are my good friends. I'll always recommend this pod to friends. Many Boats & May the Force be with You


Alway has been excellent but still gets better with every episode! Many boats!

Fun & Lighthearted!

Trio of Star Wars fans talking current Star Wars shows and goings on! Not over critical and constantly complaining. I enjoy the show for the sheer joy the gang gets out of current Star Wars content. Definitely worth a listen! Keep up the good work, guys!


My word choice for Ahmed Best coming back to Start Wars and being a total boss is “cathartic”. He needed it, we needed it, and Favreau, Filoni, Famuyiwa, and Apollo Creed delivered it…Bravo! …much like after a day of wading through trade magazines and social media, you guys deliver a positive 60-90 minutes of friends talking happily about Star Wars. Cathartic!

Great Show

Great show as always. Bo’s maneuver in the dogfight reminds me of Top Gun

All The Many Boats !

Miss Caitlin Brian ‘n Matt give us the Best Holocomms chatter from all across the Galaxy ! Sent from the Star Binger to us ! Got ‘em in my Star Wars Podcast Playlist ! They’re Recommended Listenin’ by me RFB

This is just the best!

Really, these 3 are so much fun to listen to. I love every crazy bit, every sound effect and every crazy impression. I’m so glad they are back and will listen for as long as they want to produce! Welcome back!!! Many Boats!

Love this pod!!!

Look, all I can say is that when they take a short break between Star Wars shows, I miss them terribly. They’re like my weird, nerdy, funny friends whom I look forward to spending time with each week. I think this is a show you will either love or hate, but if you like your Star Wars with a side of kooky, give this pod a listen.

Best Star Wars podcast!

You guys rock! Best trio since the original trilogy. Glad you will be back soon. Y’all been a staple since mando for me. Love the positive commentary.

The best pod!

Bright suns! Love you guys been here since the old show when you covered season 1 of Mando. Love all you guys and gals especially AZ-00 a.k.a Azoo God bless you guys! Many boats! Be the spark!

Legit the best!

I've been a fan since Jabba the Pod and their joy and love for Star Wars is second to none! I always look forward to listening to their podcast after the newest Star Wars show/book/game/comic releases. They are inciteful, genuine, and also, true story: one time I was listening to the show on the way to work and had to pull over because I was laughing/crying so hard. Please give them a listen and you will not be disappointed! Many boats!

Thank You

Recently lost my job due to downsizing. I am a lifelong fan of Star Wars. Return of the Jedi was the very first movie I saw in theatres. I’ve followed the podcast since Jabba the Pod. You guys have brought joy to my life during this dark time in my life. I love the three of you equally and as always, many boats. 🙏🏽❤️


The funniest, positive-est, bestist Star Wars Podcast! I laugh out loud every week! Azoo is the greatest droid in the Star Wars Universe, he can live with me anytime!

So glad they’re back

Such a fun pod and the positive approach to Star Wars and fandom are contagious. Their theatrical background is wonderfully apparent in the show.

You guys are the best!!

I was so sad when “the old show” was vaporized but when I heard Brian on Screencrush filling in for Ryan, I was so happy!!! I’ve caught up within the last week on the missed shows and can’t wait to see where the adventures of the starbinger go from here Many Boats! J.

Favorite Star Wars Pod

Easily my favorite Star Wars Pod. Always puts me in a good mood after I listen to Brian, Caitlin and Matt. I still listen to the old pod when I’m bored or rewatching the Clone Wars.

My absolute favorite SW podcast

I cannot say how much I love this show, but I will at least mention a little. It’s like listening to some good friends lovingly discuss and fawn over Star Wars as much as I do with my friends. So much love for everything in a galaxy far far away, and also a boatload of love for everyone on Earth who brings it to us. I’m thankful every time I get to listen to an episode, because I know I’ll be happy, I’ll laugh, cry, and have my mind blown. Woo woo! Many boats.

We’re all fine here. Thank you. How are you?

What a great podcast! Definitely one of the preeminent SW podcasts out there. Brian, Matt, and Caitlin are phenomenal at incredibly over the top and fantastic ambassadors for Star Wars!

Love the karkin Kriff outta this podcast

Absolutely awesome show. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt balance each other out so we’ll. Brian with deep canon lore knowledge, Caitlin with character development and cutesy creatures, Matt with the technical questions and fellow Dash Rendar enthusiast. More SFX! More! MORE! Both Pod shows were the Star Wars comfort I needed while dealing with serious health issues. Can’t promote this enough. You guys are amazing keep being the spark to so many people. Many boats!


Fantastic show so glad to have them back many boats!!

This IS the podcast I’ve been looking for!

I’m so happy that I stumbled across the podcast just in time to binge Obi Wan. The reviews are so insightful, I thoroughly appreciate the forays into Canon and the introduction of characters and storylines from the comics and books I haven’t read. Listening to this podcast gives me a more complete understanding of each and every episode. I also appreciate the banter of the friendly hosts that never goes so far as to make a new listener feel like an outsider. Thank you also for the female voice - girls love Star Wars too! Keep up the great work!

Great to be home

I’m another long lost podawan whose found his way home since order 66, end of the last pod..edit…it’s pronounced zy knight…xi is is Greek letter

The Return is better than the Original.

Jabba the Pod was like that out of the way restaurant that had the world’s best burritos that closed down. But then Return of the Pod shows up, with even better burritos. It’s like that.

Many Boats!

I don’t know what that phrase means, but the words pop into my head all day long, so thank you for that! I can’t get enough of Brian‘s Ziro the Hutt; please continue to annoy everyone with him as often as possible. I love the pod, keep it up!

Many boats, Bright Suns

Each and every week you guy's entertain the criff outta all of us in listener land and i'm extremely grateful for the show. Always a fantastic fun filled discussion from you all with a lot of laughs along the way, staple since the jabba days. Keep up the amazing work , love you all involved in this off world pod cast.

ROTP has the hottest Star Wars takes in the galaxy

Long time listener here of the old and new show. You all do amazing work and I appreciate your positive Lens on Star Wars, I can’t even talk to friends about Star Wars content (everyone thinks they are a critic…). In an earlier episode this season 4 you shared someone’s top 5 bits. Mine is definitely you all telling Lars (and his leg) to get outta here! Fun fact: my first name is Lars and my Dogs first name is Tano (he’s 4, so yes I named him Tano before that was cool). So yeah I definitely burn my tongue on pizza every time. Since we both have first names that are last names of Star Wars characters I would appreciate any suggestions for the next puppy I’m getting next summer. Any good ideas?