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A quick review after years (!) of listening:)

Just want to say “thank you” to the three of you for helping to get a lot of us through this pandemic. The way you three interact is a joy and I am constantly laughing and smiling while listening. MTFBWY, always.

Love this podcast…again

I was a devoted follower of “the old show” and just rediscovered this podcast again a couple of weeks ago. I have been binging to get caught up. Enjoying the recaps of The Bad Batch, and as I am rewatching Clone Wars right now, I’m anxious to get to my second time through Bad Batch. I love this podcast cast because I love, love, love all things Star Wars (and enjoy the MCU, LEGOS and action figures). I’m a Star Wars nerd and have been since I saw the first movie four times when it came out in 1977 (yikes, that is aging me). This podcast is a safe place, makes me laugh, and isn’t judgmental. There’s a lot of toxic stuff out there, and I won’t even go there. I teach middle school and have told some of my students who are Star Wars nerds about the podcast. Thank you for being a conversational podcast that makes people feel very comfortable, like we could just have a conversation with you. I’m looking forward to hearing your recaps of The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka when we get there (huge Aksoka fan). Also, any of the new MCU series. :) Many boats!!!


Awesome as always!!! Your relaxed vibe, even on 'normal' episodes, is like three friends sitting around a table, eating chips, bonding over their shared love of something close to their souls. But so relaxed. Keep it going!

Wildly entertaining

Great listen and break down of each episode of all Star Wars. Been listening since the beginning of the show that shall not be named. Gets me through my day. I encourage everyone to lock in on this crew and Engage on some fun. Many boats!!

Hot Take Alarm?

This show (and the Old Show) have been and continue to be spectacular fun and properly irreverent, creating a feeling of camaraderie both between the hosts and between the show and its Podawans! HOWEVER — Hot Take #1: the show has been somewhat “rounded” or “circular” of late…lacking in Corners, shall we say. (Hint hint, cough cough) P.S.: Hot Take #2: Rosario as Ahsoka will World Between Worlds her way into the Obi-Wan show, perhaps to warn him about Ezra’s arrival several years later.

So excited to find y’all again!

I get as much enjoyment hearing your episode breakdowns as I do watching the show!

Awesome show, many boats?

Love the show very entertaining and enjoyable but I missed some show.. which episode was the many boats from.. id like to listen to that


Love the show, I’ve been a big fan since the last season of the old show! I’ve noticed Letterkenny references becoming more and more frequent on the show, especially, if not only from, Brian. With that being said, is Letterkenny going to be directly talked about on the show? At least in some sort of fashion or tangent that’s in every episode?

This is the way...

Started the Star Wars podcast journey with these 3 on an “OLD SHOW” that will remain nameless. Great insight on all things Star Wars and they don’t take themselves too seriously. They have fun and it’s a great way to stay in the loop. #manyboats

Best Star Wars podcast

Absolutely love this podcast, it is by far the best Star Wars podcast I have found. Wonderful job of breaking down new content, theorizing for future star wars projects, and make you laugh while listening. 5/5

The show just keeps getting better and better

I loved the original and can't wait for Return of the Pod every week. The cast are brilliant, informative and so entertaining.

Long time listener - ALL TIME FAN!

I found Jabba the Pod years ago and then I was one of the many heart-broken followers of the Twitter account @jabbaupdates for my daily "Jabba the Pod Is On Hiatus" message - until the magical moment that LAUGHTER RETURNED with RETURN OF THE POD. So happy to celebrate the karken kriff out of Star Wars! Brian, CMB, Captain Matt - and you too AZ-00! - thank you all for the laughs each week - MANY BOATS

The Star Wars Podcast we wanted and we Deserve!

Greatest Star Wars Podcast of them ALL. Many Boats

The only Star Wars podcast you’ll ever need

When the other show when on hiatus, I remember feeling genuinely sad. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to any other podcast about Star Wars because I couldn’t move on from the Starbinger. Which may seem like a deep feeling about a podcast but this is so much more than that. This podcast and these heroes have a way of connecting and bring so much joy to my life each week. A fun but in depth take on all things Star Wars with some of the best takes, bits, and rants. If you need a great all around podcast, then this is for you!

Best podcast I've EVER listened to!

I found this podcast from the start, and have stuck with it all the way through the old show, and the new show. It only gets better, was there ever any doubt? Definitely worth the listen. Many Boats, and may the force be with you!

Thank the Force!

The love our fearless hosts have for Star Wars is unequalled. I’ve searched for Star Wars podcasts across all platforms and this is definitely the most fun and all encompassing. Brian’s Book Club is a particular favorite of mine because I love comics and don’t keep up with publishing dates. The BEST thing about the pod, though, is that they’re never negative. They love Star Wars and generally keep their conversations about things they like. Bashing or hating on things is not the way. Thanks guys. Many boats. Bright suns. May the force be with you.

Best Star Wars Pod ever!

I stumbled upon this back when it was Jabba the Pod way back in 2019. I was sad when it ended but held out hope of its return. Every few weeks I’d check socials to see if there was an update and was happy when I found it’s return. It makes road trips bearable, chores exciting, and life more entertaining. Thank you Bryan, Matt, and most importantly Caitlin!


Much like th lesson that Boba is actively trying to teach about ruling through respect, Return of the Pod delivers it's message from a place of Respect and Love. While my friends, family, and a few oworlwrsall now have multiple podcasting apps and accounts hidden on their phones so I could leave multiple 5 star reviews on this and the old podcast. Everyone has learned not to leave their phone unlocked around me. At my old job Wednesday (formerly Friday) used to be my worst day of work, which instantly became better while I navigated Houston Traffic listening to the charming conversations between the the found friends of Star-binger base. Caitlin, Brian, and Matt are truly the "Chosen One's" of Star Wars Podcasts.

Amazing Podcast, Love the Content

Like the title of this review suggests, I love Return of the Pod. I started listening to their old show (Jabba the Pod, should check that one out too) during The Mandalorian season two, episode three to be exact. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt have amazing chemistry with each other and they helped me realize that there were other people besides me in the world who were super fans and who pored over the movies, shows, books, comics, games, and everything under the two suns that had to do with Star Wars. I completely recommend Return of the Pod as a Star Wars podcast.

Favorite Star Wars Pod

I have tried numerous Star Wars Pods and while I have liked some, this is the cream of the crop. The genuine chemistry between the hosts lewd to a family feel that we get to be a part of.

This is the pod.

Love this show. They have perfect chemistry and work so well together. Brian I’d my fave, partially because he and I share a whole lot of similarities. Also, we need a Brian’s book club the episode to go with the captains corner the episode, just for some contrast.

Best Star Wars podcast!

I love this podcast because it is funny and a lighthearted take on star wars. I love Star Wars and I am a dedicated fan but I don’t take it so seriously like some fans do (pearl clutching fans) and this podcast truly is the best for fans who love Star Wars but also can laugh at it sometimes. I appreciate you all and look forward to the new episodes and slightly stock my apple podcast app for it. (Been listening since Jabba the pod)

Love it

I’m so glad they are back, it’s my favorite podcast! I’m always excited when there’s a new episode. The three hosts have great chemistry and are obviously just having so much fun. Sometimes Star Wars fans can be problematic but this podcast is just so positive and the hosts just love Star Wars.

I sense a great disturbance in the Force

This is my favorite podcast. I honestly think Brian is the only person who’s as passionately nerdy about Star Wars as I am, and I can generally count on him to chime in with a random factoid from the New Canon or the EU to reinforce a point or show Matt that he’s wrong about something. The three hosts share good chemistry and I can tell they genuinely like each other when they’re podcasting. Also, I named my youngest son Ezra. Im constantly remembering answers to questions they ask on the show because I’m a huge nerd with a giant Ahsoka tattoo on his forearm and all I want is to randomly run into the three of them at a con so I can have a conversation and nerd out without someone getting that “sorry I asked” glazed over look in their eyes like my wife does when we watch literally any Star War.

Magic and Joy

I don’t know what it is… I could listen to this crew narrate anything! I can’t wait to them back in my ear-holes more regularly. Come on Disney, drop more content so I can hear more of Return of the Pod!

Perfect chemistry!

Azoo and his sidekicks have perfect chemistry! One of the best podcasts in the Outer Rim (or anywhere).

My Birthday!

Thank you so much for your episode Visionary. That episode was actually recorded on my 13th birthday! I want to thank you guys so much for that even though you didn’t know it was my birthday! I am now a teenage girl and I’m very excited! Please wish me happy birthday in your next episode. I would love it so much! You guys make me so happy even when I’m feeling depresso espresso. I would like to thank you so much for bringing some laughs to my life!

Great your back

Ok, I’m so glad you’re back. I didn’t know you came back and was about to delete the old show and noticed the link to the new one. A bit late to the party but very happy to have you back. Your show is one of the funnest Star Wars show on podcasts. After listening to the first few episodes I can say I may not see eye to eye politically with your views but that shouldn’t matter because this is all about our love for Star Wars. We don’t have to all have the same world views to enjoy the party. You make the party more fun. Thanks for what you guys do and definitely for coming back


Truly a happy and pleasant place to come and listen to all things Star Wars-and sometimes other universes 😉- The best podcast, with some of the kindest people. Thank you for being you, and as always… Many Boats