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it’s back!!!

when the old show ended it was very sad, but now that return of the pod is here we are all saved! we all love star wars but other stories are also awesome, and they clearly know this! these three are the best!



So happy

I was very happy last year to finally find a Star Wars podcast I liked and subsequently very disappointed when finding out it was ending. Today I learned that the Jabba crew has reformed and I was visibly and audibly stoked to have new episodes to catch up on and the promise of more to listen to. Thank you for coming back to your fans. You have made me very happy.

Best podcast ever...Seriously.

This podcast feels like you’re chatting up the fun members of you’re family about nerdtastic entertainment. Matt is like the older brother who will let u play with his lightsaber collection. Caitlin is the cool cousin who wears the leather jacket and is not afraid to get u involved in some hijinks. Brian is the crazy uncle who everybody thinks is weird but you that makes him the most interesting. Gives me something to look forward to every Friday. Many boats!

Many Boats!!!

i’m SO excited for Return of the Pod. the OG helped get me through a lot of quarantine over the past year. I’m so glad with how you all addressed the Gina Carano situation. It always wonderful to find welcoming spaces in the star wars community. I can’t wait for more content! especially moving into the more “adjacent” fandoms too

Brian’s the Man...

... takes all of Brian and Caitlyn’s teasing like Jedi he is. Just know when we’re giving you crap about Cookie Monster that it’s because we love you, Brian. Brian and Caitlyn Malevolence Busch are pretty aight, too.


Love this pod cast been listening for a while and have to say I enjoy getting to listen to this , and really missed it during hiatus but glad y’all are back and can’t wait for all the new content and love spotchka nights and kind of miss w1RZZ but ready to see where the show goes next

Funniest, smartest nerd-out podcast

It’s only because of their original podcast -and well, the pandemic - that I just watched all of Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels for the first time. It’s a rather sad statement that I get and love all of their pop culture and entertainment show references, and their knowledge and joy for tv and movies is totally real. I would spend every night having spotchka nights with them if I could. Mahalo from Oahu!

Hot HOt HOT!!

There are so many Star Wars podcasts. If you can only listen to one, this is absolutely the one. Perfect blend of wit and depth. I cannot express how marvelous this show is.


Thank you! That is all.

Comfort listening for SW Geeks

Friday’s are the best because of this podcast! Brian, Caitlin, and Matt are so knowledgeable, but so funny too. Their enthusiasm is what makes this podcast so special. It’s like hanging out with some Star Wars friends on a weekly basis. So glad the Starbinger crew is back!

Best Star Wars Pod in the Galaxy

I have tried many different Star Wars podcasts trying to find the right one and you can’t find a better group of fun fans. The community is a blast and the hosts are entertaining. #Iwanttoseethebaby #manyboats

The best Star Wars podcast

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars all my life. I stumbled onto the “Old Show” in September 2020 and I was hooked. No simple podcast would do and this is the most fun podcast I’ve ever listened to. The hosts are genuine and very likable, you can tell this is a labor of love. This is a special podcast. Return of the pod is something that in the last few months has brought me (kids too ages 14,11 and 9) great joy. We listen to it as a family and consider the hosts like friends. We are so happy you are back. Many boats!

So glad they’re back

Two episodes in and the crew picked up right where they left off. I’m looking forward to see where this is headed.

The podcast you’re looking for!

The best Star Wars podcast there is. Always a fun listen. Many Boats!

Many Boats!

Many Boats!

Where’s Boba and Fett?

5 Stars, you guys rock. Can’t wait for the additions!

The Best Parts of Star Wars

I became a listener for almost the majority of the old podcast, the ending of which was extremely moving. They brought hope and fun and charm to the Star Wars Galaxy, are friends—and you get used to listening and look forward to the weekly banter and laughs, to hearing their different perspectives and their hot takes, as well as the connections they make. I am not only excited that they’re back but that it’s now part of my Friday drive home.

Best Star Wars podcast out there

Hands-down all the way around best Star Wars podcast in the universe. Many boats.


I am so so so happy you guys are back! Now I can listen to the last episode of Jaba the pod! Many boats to you three! Can’t wait to see what this season has in store!


2021 is so full of hope and as we put 2020 behind us including the “cancellation” of my favorite podcast, I’m so glad it’s back (reborn). With all the new Star Wars stuff on the horizon, I look forward to continuing the journey with you three!

They’re Baaaaack


The Laughter and Fun Is Back!!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAYS! I laugh, I cry, I get odd looks cause this all happens in my head! The Clan of Three is the best entertainment that money cannot buy. And now there will be extension to the reaches of the Starbinger - I can not be a happier fan. Looking forward to the frivolous frivolity - WELCOME BACK and Thank You! (yes there are tears in my eyes writing this)


An absolutely wonderful podcast that explores the news of the week in Star Wars. So glad they’re back!

Joy has returned!

I’ve never been so happy to find out they gang is back together!! The original legit got me through quarantine and then pandemic last year it gave me smiles and laughter when it was hard to come by. Now that it’s back I’ve never been happier it’s like old friends coming home! Friday’s will be a gift going forward again! Thank you Brian, Matt and Caitlin for making Star Wars fun again!


My thoughts today were, I really miss jaba the pod I could really use a serving of the gang today, and little did I know.... the return has begun... many boats to come. Haven’t even listened yet and chills have begun ! Thank you !

The Force is strong with this one.

So glad they’re back! Many boats

Best Star Wars podcast

Not only is this my favorite Star Wars podcast, it’s my favorite podcast in general. I was devastated when the crew went on hiatus, and overjoyed at the return of the pod! Brian, Caitlin and Matt discuss all things Star Wars across all media and make it fun and entertaining every minute. I love all the bits they do and really feel like if I saw them in the street we could have a conversation like old friends. Keep up the good work!

Back and better than ever

Make discussions of this universe fun and insightful, just the way it should be

They’re back and we are better for it

This team has been my favorite Star Wars podcast since the early days of the old show. I was late in the game when I discovered them but after I did I couldn’t stop.They made me more appreciative of the films that I wasn’t as huge fan of as well as validated my opinions on stuff I loved. They mix humor with intellectual conversations about the property as well as just let us get to know them as people. It’s always a delight and I’m so happy that they are back on the air.