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They’re back!

My favorite podcast about that galaxy far, far away. Glad to see that they are keeping the hope alive. Always pleasant to listen to these three share their love and excitement, and insights, with the rest of us.

They are back!!!

Way better than old show and I’m so excited to have Brian matt and caitlyn all back. Best star wars podcast ever!!!

So glad to be back!

My boyfriend and I are huge Star Wars fans and this is our favorite podcast to listen to! We have listened to all of the episodes and they are all as funny, positive, and fun as this is. We love the hosts and they have great guest hosts as well. They have done great job with the production, the sound effects and editing really bring you right into the world of Star Wars. Can’t wait to hear them talk about the new books, shows, and movies. I love their positive, thoughtful reactions and they often give me a deeper understanding of the content. As huge parks fans, we would love to see an episode on Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge one day!!

Finger On The Pulse!

The Go-To place for Star Wars news, speculation and connecting the force through the galaxy. So glad they are back

The force is strong with this one

So beyond happy they’re back. My soul needed this and thank you to the three of you for your work.

Brian, Caitlin & Matt form a triad in the Force!

This trio is what fandom should be! All about love and inclusion with no toxicity! Many boats!

Super fun Star Wars (and more) discussions

The “old show”, Jabba the Pod, was the one podcast that I looked forward too every week. Now they’ve returned and I’m happy to report that the show is just as fun as ever. A great mix of real-world and, let’s call it, audio cos-play, the host cover news, reviews and play out in universe storylines that will keep you coming back for more. Thank the maker that Brian, Kaitlyn and Matt found a way to bring back this wonderful, positive celebration of the Star Wars universe.

Full of knowledge, humor, and positivity

So glad this team has returned to do a new show. This show comes to each episode prepared and knowledgeable but also ready to enjoy themselves. Great chemistry and a desire to celebrate Star Wars and fandom in general. They’ve followed the SW news week so you don’t have to, and they do deep dives into the latest and the old stuff. Great show.

So happy the pod has returned!

This is my absolute favorite Star Wars podcast, so glad to hear that the Captain is back in his corner!

Yay for the return!

So excited to have these three back! This is one of my favorite Star Wars podcasts. It is great to have an incredibly positive and progressive look into everything related to the franchise.

This is just the best!

Really, these 3 are so much fun to listen to. I love every crazy bit, every sound effect and every crazy impression. I’m so glad they are back and will listen for as long as they want to produce! Welcome back!!! Many Boats!

If you love Star Wars, you’ve found your place!!

To say I’m happy, is a gross understatement. When the old show ended, it literally brought a tear to my eye. Brian, Caitlin and Matt are all like family or best friends that I just haven’t had a chance to meet yet. You’ll not find a better Star Wars podcast ANYWHERE in the galaxy!!


Thrilled that these three are back in my podcast feed. They are the most positive and hilarious Star Wars fan and experts and being able to look forward to them each week makes me think 2021 is definitely going to be better than 2020

Punch It !

They’re Baaaaack ! So Glad to have the Starbinger crew Back in my Playlist !

They’re Back!!!!!! 😊🤓😎🤪😁

So glad to have the trio back! They talk Star Wars like no one else can. They are very informative and do it with great humor!


So stoked to see you guys back! Subscribed instantly on this. You guys had a great time in your voice in Episode 1. Clearly you are happy to be back

I can look for to Fridays a little more

Glad the show is back, the four star review unfortunately is due to the extended woke scold/ selective corporate fealty diatribe. Hopefully you guys can keep your politics to a minimum from here on out. Other than that look forward to the rest of the season and beyond.


I’m beyond happy and excited that this podcast has returned. My Friday's truly felt empty with out these 3 lovely people. If you’re looking for an exciting Star Wars podcast with a ton of character, this is the one for you! This truly was one of my favorites and I am sure a lot of others as well. To all the new listeners, I assure you, this will also become a favorite of yours.

Return of the Jibber Jabba

The true Tri-Force of Star Wars punditry! Welcome back!!

Best Star Wars show ever

They do a fantastic job of keeping you updated and making you feel like you are involved in an actual group of people that also enjoy Star Wars! They have fully reignited my passion and love for Star Wars and I can’t thank them enough. A hearty salute to all three of you 🙏🙏

When you’re happy they’re back!!

I’m just so happy that this is back. You all rock. This show is great and super entertaining! Goofy and silly and informative. Best way to get your Star Wars and now other media news!

Best Star Wars Podcast!

*in Ziro’s voice* it is the BEST podcast y’all ever did HEEEEEAR.

love the positivity!

so thankful for this incredibly dedicated group!

The BEST podcast about everything in a Galaxy far far away

The crew of the Starbinger have made my first experience with podcasts, office life, and the pandemic so much more enjoyable than I’d have ever imagined. I worked through a backlog of the crews amazing content and when I finally caught up I routinely found myself waiting weekly for the next episode. Brian, Caitlin, and Matt all being a unique perspective to the table and offer fun and informative dialogue on everything Star Wars. These three are true fans of the series and have managed to foster a POSITIVE community surrounding Star Wars in a time where the community regular has heated debates regarding new content. Whether you prefer Captain’s Corner, Brian’s Book Club, or Caitlin’s Word of the Week you’re sure to love the hosts, content, and discussions surrounding everting in a Galaxy Far Far Away. My only complaint is that the team can’t release more content to help me zone out during long commutes and work days and get lost in discussions that will make any Star Wars fan geek out! I cannot recommend this podcast enough 5/5 stars!

Best Star Wars podcast ever

It’s like hanging out with your best friends but better because it’s like your best friends are total nerds too

So excited!!!

I cannot wait! I have missed Brian, Caitlyn and Matt very much!! May the Force Be with you! Many boats! Sound the spoiler klaxon!!

The best podcast about Star Wars and more!!!

Subscribe now and may many boats carry you away to paradise.

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

I know it looks odd to review a podcast before it even released, but this is a unique situation. The hosts of this show worked together previously doing...well, exactly what this podcast is doing. And they did it SO WELL. The rapport these three have with each other, as well as the amazing community they have built around their show, is something like I’ve never seen before. This show is already worthy of all 5 stars, simply because of those at the helm. We will be watching this pod’s career with great interest!

Best pod this side of Naboo

Fantastic Star Wars info. So refreshing to have a positive Star Wars podcast that enjoys Star Wars for being Star Wars!

Every Generation Has A Hero

First there was Han, Luke, and Leia. Then there was Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme. NOW there is Brian, Matt, and Caitlin M!!