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This is the way!

So glad these 3 are back!!!!

Can’t wait

I absolutely can’t wait til 2/19, I’ve missed you guys. I tried listening to other Star Wars podcasts and it was never the same. Glad you guys are back!!!!! Just made my day...MANY BOATS!!!!

This is the way...

Started the Star Wars podcast journey with these 3 on an “OLD SHOW” that will remain nameless. Great insight on all things Star Wars and they don’t take themselves too seriously. They have fun and it’s a great way to stay in the loop. #manyboats

This is the pod you’re looking for....

Are you looking for a Star Wars podcast that covers the breadth of the franchise? That is fun, funny, and positive? Well this is the show for you! Formerly Jabba The Pod, the trio that hosts this have struck out on their own for this sequel that promises to be as great if not greater than their previous venture. They’re back. They fly now. They have many boats. Woo woo.


Thank the Force!!!! The crew of the Starbinger is back BABY!!!! So excited that my friends are back!!!! Can’t wait for Brian’s Book Club, Matt’s Captains Corner and Caitlin’s Word of the Week and Hug Watch!!!! It’s more exciting than when I got my Service Rancor Dribbles.

Missed my crew

I’m so glad the trio is reunited! There has been a void in my heart since the last podcast ended! I can’t wait for the Brian’s book club, Caitlin’s word of the week and of course CAPTAINS COOOORNEEERRR!!

Best Podcast Ever!!

If you love Star Wars or if you’d just like to learn more, you’ll love this podcast. It is the best part of my week!! Love the banter, love the personalities, and love information. Many Boats!!

Chewie, We’re Home.

Matt, Brian, and Caitlin have returned, and not a moment too soon! These three have some of the best chemistry in podcasting, and their previous podcast was an absolute joy and helped my mental health immensely. I’m so delighted to have them back. Many Boats, and May the Force Be With You all!

I have a good feeling about this

Bright suns! By far my favorite podcast of all. Thanks to Brian, Caitlin, and Matt, I have come to love Star Wars even more than I did before. They have been wonderful companions while journeying through the movies, shows, books, comics, games, and EVerything else. There is no better podcast out there, and no better group of people to be discussing the happenings in the galaxy far far away. May the force be with you. Many boats. Be the spark.

An SW Adventure Like No Other

Sharing alongside Brian, Matt, and Caitlin during Fridays is the most intriguing part of the day. There are always things to learn in the vast universe of Star Wars, and there is no better crew than these guys to path the way. I can speak for everyone when I say that we missed you so so much and I cant wait to jump on the ship to begin a brand new journey alongside my three masters. For many more years and many boats!

They’re Back! They’re Back!

This is the Star Wars podcast you’ve been looking for! The hosts are knowledgeable, positive, and so funny. Can’t wait to hear the new episodes!

Must listen for all Star Wars fans!

I am so glad the pod is back!

My Favorite Podcast

I am so happy these guys are back! These three discuss Star Wars the way it is supposed to be discussed- without pretention or gatekeeping. Just letting people enjoy things. And it’s a breath of fresh air in this fandom.

There has been...a REAWAKENING!!

The greatest co-hosts in the galaxy are back with their own Star Wars Podcast! Just a Simple Pod trying to make its way through the universe, Return of the Pod is like “The Old Show” with some Special Modifications by the crew of StarBinger (RIP 🙁) if you want to listen to a show of 3 people who genuinely love this universe, you’re home. Come on in, crack a Spotchka and BE THE SPARK!


My husband is standing over my shoulder telling me to follow this because he listens to “the old show “ on the way to work.

Many Boats

So excited you guys are back!

The journey continues!!!

So I came across these three yahoos on another show which shall hereafter be know as “The Old Show” and I was immediately smitten! The excellent hosting skills of Brian pave the way for the wonderful banter of co-hosts Caitlin and Matt and forms a pastiche, if you will, of nerdy goodness. The thing I appreciate the most about these guys is their commitment to be positive and kind and their insistence to avoid toxicity. In a fan base that can be maddeningly full of loathing these three continue to be the light. They are funny, warm, self deprecating and insightful, never taking themselves too seriously. Even though I have never met them I honestly feel like they are friends and they have been a great comfort during the pandemic. Anyway, enough of my yapping, subscribe, like and enjoy the journey! And oh yeah, that have lots of sound effects!

The Best!


Welcome back!!

Excited to see you guys come back!! Your pod cast has been a favored morning listen while driving my son to school in the morning. We enjoy hearing the discussion of the many different perspectives and then having our own discussion after.

Guess who’s back, back again

When Joba the pod closed down I was in a panic and tried another Star Wars podcast and it was lacking the Star Wars finesse, now that this group is coming back make me beyond happy. I HAVE SPOKEN

Clouded, the Future Is...

But, light will be shining through with the return of our favorite heroes! Can’t wait to listen to the crew again weekly and journey to a galaxy far far away.

Thank god they are back!!

These guys are the best Star Wars podcast ever!! I was so so so sad when they left. Soooo happy they are back. They are funny, positive and know a lot about Star Wars and present it in a fun and entertaining way!! Thank you for coming back!!!

The BEST Star Wars podcast!

When the other show when on hiatus, I remember feeling genuinely sad. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to any other podcast about Star Wars because I couldn’t move from the Starbinger. Which may seem trivial about a podcast but this is so much more than that. This podcast and these heroes bring so much joy. Not only do I have an ridiculous amount of love for Star Wars but these 3 bring humor and honestly and, especially during a pandemic, so much happiness. If you need a great all around podcast, then this is for you!

Let's Fly

I'm all in....all the segments....all the yelling....all the side quests which somehow make sense in the end! This crew is so fantastic and hearing their voices is a gift!

My Found Family: The Crew of the Starbinger

Brian, Caitlin, and Matt are the absolute best Star Wars fans you could ever ask to have in your ears. This crew has expertly and very comedically broken down and discussed almost all the Star Wars Canon and they are each charismatic, genuine, and dedicated fans who respect and celebrate all the content they discuss and every fan's journey. Just as I constantly rewatch the movies and shows and reread the books and comics so too do I replay JabbaThePod. The crew of the Starbinger is my found Star Wars family and I will be forever grateful to be able to join them in exploring and admiring the galaxy far far away. Congratulations on your return. I have a very good feeling about this. #JabbaThePodSaved #ReturnOfThePod #TheStarbingerNetwork

Pumped they are back!!

If the new version of this show is half as good as it was before, then this is my new favorite podcast. Can’t wait to hear all the thoughts about Star Wars.


I am so happy that these 3 amazing hosts are back! Some of the most knowledgeable hosts about Star Wars out there that cover anything and everything Star Wars. So glad they are back!!

Thank You!

Brian, Caitlin, and Matt I just want to say thank you for returning and giving all of us fans back something that made us so happy, and in my case, so much more knowledgeable about something I love! You guys bring so much joy and I cannot wait to see what Star Wars and other Marvel(??)pi’s content you will bring us in the future! Thank you and love you, Forever a padawan, Collin